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Reentry Announcement 05/24/2020

To all Truth Baptist Church Members and friends. Just to clear up any confusion and misinformation that may be going around. I want to thank our Commander in Chief, #45, for his recent promotion of the Body of Christ. He was quite convincing in his appeal to have all Faith based institutions opened immediately. We prefer however, to base the reentry decision we will make at the Truth Baptist Church, on our prayers and guidance from God.

Your safety and protection are of the utmost importance in these decisions.

The Truth Baptist Church Reentry Team is currently developing plans to facilitate our safe reentry into our church building, as an in-person fellowship. Please be advised that we are in consultation with God through prayer. We will seek His guidance first in this matter. We are also utilizing the recommendations of the various governmental agencies whose jobs are to oversee this type of activity. Know that the membership of our team is comprised of the leaders of the various church ministries, that will be impacted by this decision. They were placed on the team based on certain native expertise that they possess. We solicit that your prayers be offered up in conjunction with those of your reentry team.

In the meantime, we prefer to follow the governmental leadership of someone who at least knows that the proper name for the Book, is Second Corinthians.

Pastor Whyte and the Truth Baptist Reentry Team.


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