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About Our Church

Mission Statement

To walk worthy of the vocation to which God has called us, and to become a holistic family-oriented ministry whose purpose is to evangelize the lost, and edify the Body of Christ, one family at a time.

Vision Statement

For the Truth Baptist Church Family to operate within the Five-Fold ministry; to provide a loving and nurturing support system for all of God's children, the evidence that will bring glory and honor to God.

Our Story​

In the spring of 1925. Rev B.F. Towles, a minister living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had a dream. In the, dream he heard the name Malaga. He was told to go to Malaga and establish a church. The next morning he asked his wife if she had ever heard of a place called Malaga. She said she had not. Rev. Towles then went to the train station in Philadelphia and was told that the train stopped in Malaga.

The next Sunday morning, he set out to go to Malaga, New Jersey. When he arrived, he saw a mailman picking up mail at the train station. Rev. Towles asked the mailman to direct him to the colored neighborhood. After getting directions, he started walking to Malaga. He walked to the home of Mr. Rufus Harris who lived on Grubb Road. Upon coming in contact with Mr. Harris, Rev. Towles asked him if there was a church in the neighborhood. The answer was no. Mr. Harris expressed his interest in having a church in the neighborhood. He took Rev. Charles and introduced him to five other neighbors. The group decided to meet for prayer and service. They held the first meeting at the home of Mr. Noah Cuff, one of the group members. Afterward, the group decided to alternate between their homes to have prayer and service. During this time, they raised money through offerings, donations, and affairs sponsored by the group to build a church.

A short time later, Mr. Wilson, a member of the group, allowed the members to use part of his home for their church services after his wife passed away. They met there until the church was built. They held the first church service in May of 1928. Rev. Towles became the founder and the first pastor of Truth Baptist Church. He remained for about five years. Rev. Anderson became pastor after Rev. Towles. The congregation began to grow with the community.

After Rev. Anderson, Rev. Walter R. Jones faithfully served as pastor for 37 years. Pastor Jones established a committee to begin the search for his successor. He passed away on July 29, 2007. The church continued to look for a new shepherd. After 18 months of seeking the Lord, Rev. James E. Whyte Jr was elected as the new pastor of Truth Baptist Church. Reverend Whyte became the new pastor of Truth Baptist Church on March 29, 2009. With an emphasis on evangelism, exaltation, and edification, Rev. Whyte continues to guide and lead Truth Baptist Church. 

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