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From the Desk of the Pastor of Truth Baptist Church

Rev. James E Whyte, Jr. Senior Pastor/Teacher

Greetings Family and Friends of the Truth Baptist Church.

I bring you the warmest of greetings in the matchless,

marvelous, and majestic name of Jesus Christ.

I now know with a certainty, how the Apostle Paul must

have felt, when he wrote those tender opening remarks

in his letters. Letters that were bound for those who

were close to him! Absence does indeed make the heart

grow fonder! My heart certainly does yearn to see all of

you, and to give you the biggest hug that I can muster.

Unfortunately, that is still not possible.

Biggest activities to highlight are the need to fill out your

US Census information. You can do this on line at A local census taker will be

visiting your house if the information has not been

provided. This information is important. Do not allow an

undercount because of your hesitancy to provide this

needed information. Our next 10-year allotments from

the government are based on these numbers.

The second are of concern is the upcoming election.

Please make sure that you are registered to vote. Last

day is October 13. NJ will be sending out mail in ballots

to every registered voter. You can vote by mail to

protect against exposure to the Covid 19 coronavirus.

You should fill out and either mail your ballot or drop it

off at a designated drop box. Vote as if your future

depends on it. It does! VOTE VOTE VOTE

Your Deacons have been instructed to be on high alert

for the wellbeing of their flocks during this time. Reach

out to your Deacon if the need arises. They are great

servants of the Lord and will do whatever is necessary to

help you doing this time of crisis. Contact the church

office if you are unsure who your Deacon is.

Covid 19 has shown itself to be a most formidable foe.

We are fast approaching 8 million people infected with

the coronavirus. Almost 220,000 people, here in the US,

have fallen victim to it’s deadly clutches. Each one

having a different story to tell, but all being sadly missed

by this world.

I pray that during this time of pandemic crisis, that you

all are doing what is necessary to remain safe and

healthy. Remember to wear your protective mask and to

practice good hand hygiene, at all times. I know our God

is still in control and He will carry us through even

turbulent times such as these. But we must also do what

we are asked by the authorities. Faith without works is

dead faith.

We continue to monitor the virus situation in

determining when it will be safe to reenter our building

for in person worship. Currently it has been deemed

safer to remain outside the Sanctuary. We will update

you if something changes.

Truth Baptist Church, because of your faithfulness to the

ministry, remains a viable force in the Army of the Lord.

We continue to meet the needs of those in our

community who stand in the greatest of need. Because

of your generosity, we are able to continue lifting up the

blood-stained banner of Jesus. I thank you from the

bottom of my heart for your staying faithful in your

giving. Because of you, while we have been apart, we

are still able to impact the Kingdom of God.

I encourage you to participate in giving so that we can

continue to serve the Kingdom in a fashion that brings

glory and honor to the God we serve. We have multiple

ways of giving. Online giving through our website

(, the US mail (@ 312 New

York Ave, Newfield NJ 08344), or by dropping them off in

person at the church office, during office hours. Thank

you in advance for continuing to support your ministry.

We are getting better in our Virtual Worship experiences.

It is our plans to continue having Praise in our Park (the

lawns of 312 New York Ave), and Park and Praise (church

parking lot) ministry for as long as the weather permits.

Come join us in lifting up the name of Jesus. Every

Sunday we gather for service at 10:30AM. From the

comfort of your car, you can hear the service being

transmitted locally on 87.9 FM.

We are also livestreaming on TRUTH Baptist Church

Facebook page. You can access it from our website

( Messages will also be

uploaded to our YouTube channel weekly. Our YouTube

channel address is

Please join us however and whenever you can. Please

invite friends and family to join you in worship either in

person or online. Worship is especially important now.

The church office will continue to be open during this

time of crisis. This is for your convenience in having your

ministry needs met. Come and leave your prayer

concerns, see your Deacon, get Communion elements, or

just to drop off your financial supports. The hours are:

Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday, between 12 Noon and 2

PM. On Wednesday as notified, we are also available

from 1PM to 2PM during the food distribution.

As your Pastor I am humbled and proud to receive your

love, prayers, and support during this trying time. Please

do not stop praying for Sister Denise and me. The Devil is

always busy, and prayer is how we keep him at bay. God

is continuing to smile on our fellowship and is allowing us

to remain impactful for Him. Do not take that for

granted, but give Him a Hallelujah praise, for His

goodness to our church!

Please pay attention to our website and other social

media platforms to hear up to date information about

your church and the activities of the ministry. Share with

those in the fellowship who may not have access to these

platforms. In the meantime, continue to love and

support each other. Remember what Jesus said. “By this

shall all men know that you are my Disciples, if you have

love, one to another.

God Bless you Truth and may Heaven continue to smile

upon our fellowship.

Pastor James E Whyte, Jr.

Sr. Pastor


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